QWhat makes a Kohler generator better than the rest?

AThere are lots of reasons for Kohler quality: Exhaustive engineering, time tested commercial grade engines and alternators, rugged construction of all components - from the hinges on the cover to the digital controls to the main bearings in the engine, and careful attention to user needs and convenience. All these produce a unit that will start and run reliably year after year after year.

QHow long will it take to install a generator at my home? 

A It depends upon the size of the unit and where it’s to be located. Once your generator is received at our shop, it is tested and prepared specifically for your unique situation. Then we schedule the work at your home when it’s convenient for you. We work on it non-stop until the generator is fully installed and operating, and you are completely satisfied. This process normally takes between 2 and 4 days.

QDo I need to know a lot about generators to own one?

ANo. It’s completely automatic, similar to your refrigerator. You set it and forget it. There are routine service needs – after all, it has an engine. But we’ll remind you of these and set up a service plan if you like. You’ll never need to open the hood if you don’t want to.

QHow quiet is it?

AKohler generators are the quietest in the industry – typically about the same as a car idling in your driveway or an air conditioning unit running outside your home. When the power is out, the soft idle in the background is comforting. Depending upon placement, many owners can’t hear it at all.

Q How long will it last?

AWe have customers with smooth running Kohler generators built nearly 20 years ago. Periodic service is important to the life of a generator, just like your furnace or air-conditioner.

QDoes a standby generator increase the value of my home?

A Recent studies show that more than half of the investment on a standby generator is recovered at home sale. People who move into a home with a generator already installed are glad they have it, especially if it’s a Kohler, where the industry best warranty is fully transferrable.

QWhat kind of fuel does it use?

AThe generator is permanently connected to your natural gas or LP gas supply, the same as your furnace or other gas powered appliances. If you don't have natural gas or LP gas service, we'll help cordinate the installation with the utility or LP gas supplier that you choose. 

QIs a generator safe for sensitive electronics in my home?

AYes, if it’s a Kohler. The electricity produced by a properly sized Kohler generator is as clean as or cleaner than that provided by your electric utility. 

QCan a Kohler generator be used to back-up my critical medical equipment?

AYes. Unlike almost all the other manufacturers, a Kohler generator will start and come on line after a power outage in just 10 seconds. Kohler designs its generators specifically for use with medical equipment back-up and sensitive electronics. This meets or exceeds all national and local life safety code requirements for emergency standby generators.

QIf I’m away from home and the power goes out, how do I know the generator is running?

AFor people who travel frequently or own a second home, Kohler and Capital Power offer a low one-time cost internet based control system that will automatically notify you(or anyone you choose) that utility power has failed at your home and the generator is running. You can even test the generator from anywhere in the world.

QWhat happens if the power goes out and my generator doesn’t come on line?

AYou call us – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you are a customer of Capital Power and your Kohler generator doesn’t start after a power failure(a rare occurrence), we pledge to be at your home within 4 hours. Our Kohler certified technicians will have you up and running as soon as possible. 

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